Biohazard Cleanup In Tulsa, Oklahoma

The aftermath of a homicide or suicide can be devastating for any individual to encounter. Our objective in the business or cleaning and disinfecting crime and trauma scenes, is to ensure that the needs of the families and friends are respected and that the property is cleaned and ready to re-occupy immediately. We remove all contaminants and leave no sign of where the incident occurred. Whether you return to the scene or sell the property, there will be no sign of blood or bodily fluids. With blood and bodily fluids, it is required that we remove all items that have been covered in blood as most insurance companies won’t pay for personal property in the home.

We clean and sanitize homicide and crime scenes in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is important to know that Tulsa Crime Scene Clean is here to help you and not make your situation worse. We have recommendations to speak to someone if needed. Handling blood and other infectious contaminants is quite a risky job as there is a risk of contacting HIV or Hepatitis C. It’s very important that you have the right education and protective heat to clean and disinfect crime and homicide scenes. Being qualified to do the job correctly the first time is the only way to go in this industry. Crime scene cleaning involves the cleanup of blood and other hazardous fluids caused from a crime scene, homicide, suicide, unattended death, or medical accident. Contamination can also be spread from the police department, fire, body removal person, or the crime scene investigators on the scene where the homicide took place.

Cleaning up after a crime scene can be very difficult for the deceased family or friends and is not recommended. When dealing with blood and bodily fluids, you must be mentally prepared for the scars that this situation can leave behind. Knowing a loved one who has passed from a tragic agent or self inflicted suicide can be disturbing while cleaning the room in which the incident occurred. The odor or blood is much stronger 2-3 days later as it turns into human decomposition. Unattended deaths can cause flies which lay eggs and turn into maggots quickly, so time is a major factor in removing all bodily fluids immediately.