Suicide Cleanup

Suicides are a tragic reality. Suicides often take place in a home, but also frequently occur in a vehicle. We are experienced, and equipped to deal with these situations in any environment in which it has occurred. Whether it's a home, commercial space, or vehicle, all human remains of the event will be removed. No out of pocket expense! We accept homeowners insurance.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Violent crimes happen daily. Sometimes with fatal consequences, sometimes not. But, in either case, hazardous organic matter and fluids are often left at the scene. Harmful bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens could be present, and a trained professional should be used to detect the sources of contaminants, and perform remediation to remove it in a safe manner.

Hoarding Cleanup

A home filled with unused items is more than just a trip-and-fall safety hazard. Not only is it overwhelming to deal with the sheer volume of items that need to be removed, but there's also the issue of food containers that have decaying organic material as well as hazardous animal waste. Nobody should have to live in a cluttered home. We are here to help! We do care.

Tulsa Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Losing a loved one is stressful enough. We have the knowledge and experience to provide the services you need to remove all traces of fluids and organic material left at the scene. Including any odors. Pathogens can lie dormant for weeks, months, and in some cases, even years waiting to find a host. We are professionals who are trained to detect these sources, and eliminate them from the environment in a manner that is safe for everyone. Time to call Tulsa Crime Scene Cleanup.

 It is also highly recommended professionals should also be used in the cases of cleaning, or removing freezers, or refrigerators where the contents have spoiled. The overpowering odor is terrible, but the risk to your health is far worse.

 Before considering attempting to deal with the situation yourself, consider the consequences to yourself, and to others, of lacking the knowledge, or experience to properly contain, remove, and transport hazardous materials. It is our job to know these procedures, and the laws that govern the containment and transportation of hazardous materials. It is not a situation to take lightly. We're here. We're trained. We can handle it.

 To make the process even easier, we accept payment from homeowner's insurance, business insurance, or auto insurance. Whichever the case may be depending upon the location of the services to be provided.

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